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Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame
, Hall Of Fame

In 2002, the Past Presidents of the All Sports Association created a Hall of Fame Committee fulfilling a vision of the Association’s founding fathers. The Hall of Fame annually recognizes local greats who have graciously provided their support in furthering the principles of clean sport, fair play, character and American citizenship and those that have excelled in their profession and made the Emerald Coast community proud. The Hall of Fame has a showcase located in the Emerald Coast Convention Center that highlights the contributions of the inductees and provides a look back in history of the All Sports Association. In addition, the Hall of Fame Committee hosts the Annual Fish Fry for corporate sponsors, All Sports members and their families, and guests during the All Sports Banquet Week.

Hall of Fame Inductees:
2003: Jackie Burkett and Don Sutton
2004: Danny Wuerffel and Buck Smith
2005: E.G. Green and Jerry Brigante
2006: Bettye Campbell and Houston Harrison
2007: Tom Hammonds and C. LeDon Anchors
2008: Rick Flores and Rube Manasco
2009: Bobby Walton and Wyman Townsel
2010: Randy Smyth and Rev. H. Talmadge Smith
2011: Jay Bell and Ray Ross
2012: Derrick Brooks and Mickey Englett
2013: Betty Howard and Edwin Watts
2014: Kevin Craig and Rev. James Ross
2015: Kathy Combest and Sgt. 1st Class Sam Hairston
2016: Ron Balicki and Marci Clemons Spivey
2017: Cliff Lewis and Mary “Roonie” Scovel
2018: Billy Mikel and Chester Norris
2019: Dr. Jolyn Taylor and Roy Jones, Jr.
2020: Tom Brassell and Dr. Charlie McFarland
2021: Lionel Fayard and Houston McTear

Hall Of Fame
Lionel Fayard
Hall Of Fame
Houston McTear Family
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